Bottom Feeder
Custom Paint Bucket

Rett Syndrome Awareness

For every bucket purchased, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to and Katie's Clinic!

What is Rett Syndrome

Rett Syndrome is debilitating neurological disorder diagnosed almost exclusively in girls and occurring in one of every 10,000 female births in the United States. it's rare enough that it can be a real challenge to find quality, family-focused healthcare options in your area.

Our Story

Don Searcy is the inventor of The Bottom Feeder and the founder of Paragon Industries LLC. He is also the grandfather of a “Rett Angel” and therefore understands firsthand the urgency behind the search for a cure to Rett Syndrome. To assist in the quest for a medical solution, Don has pledged a portion of the revenue generated by sales of The Bottom Feeder to both Katie’s Clinic and Each Bottom Feeder bucket is manufactured in the purple color that signifies universal support for the fight against Rett Syndrome. Below, Don’s granddaughter Scarlett tells the story of her journey with Rett Syndrome in her own words:


Here is Scarlett’s story, via mommy, of her journey.

My name is Scarlett and I am 4 years old. After more than a year of doctor visits, testing and waiting I found out that I was born with a disorder called Rett Syndrome. You can’t catch Rett Syndrome, you can only get it if you were born with it.

Rett Syndrome mainly affects girls and it is a bit different for each person. I have a very hard time with the muscles EVERYWHERE, so this is a big problem. My muscles are weaker than yours, do not always do what I want them to and can’t do many of the things yours can. Since over 80% of girls with Rett Syndrome walk, usually later in life, I have to practice a lot and keep making my muscles stronger. I can sit up on my own, but sometimes I get tired and tip over.

There is currently no cure for Rett Syndrome but there is always hope.
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